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Oh my goodness, it's the Tap Take Over this week!

Months ago, probably just after Christmas in fact, a drunken convesation led to a plan to take over the taps at one of our local micropubs. And it's this week, on Friday!

It's thanks to our friends at the Lock and Barrel (London Road, Bromley) that this is possible, along with the Mutineers Brewery, who are taking over with Marlix. The Lock has ten beers on, and Mutineers plus ourselves will be supplying nine of them (the lager stays).

We have been brewing like mad in the last couple of months to get the beers ready, and we are finally there.

From Marlix, you can try Eat the Telly, Scumbag College, The Kebab and Calculator and a brand new special for this event, Oh no. The Front Door's Exploded, which is a 6.2% raspberry and Blueberry Sour.

We've also collaborated with the Mutineers on a beer brewed with Harlequin hops, which is simply called Harlequin. This is a relatively new hop- a British hop with the fruity characteristics of an American (Citra/ Simcoe etc).

Kick off is 1600, until about 2200 or so.

We are supplying some nice snacks, and there will be music from Andy (one of the bar staff, who is also a professional musician).

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