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When and where can you find our beers?

  • 17/11/23: Vindaloo is available at the Star and Garter; Scumbag College is available at the Craft Beer Rooms (Hayes), and the Cork and Cask (Bromley Common)

  • 10/10/23: Vindaloo coming on at the Orpington Liberal Club at their Autumn Beer Festival, from Thursday.

  • 9/8/23: WtBVH shortly to be pouring from the cask at the Star & Garter in Bromley North- watch this space!

  • 9/8/23: SPG currently pouring from the keg at the Craft Beer Rooms in Hayes

  • 5/8/23: SPG from the cask in the Bitter End Bar, Bromley Common. UPDATE: all gone (we drank the last four pints...)

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