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We only brew beers we love.



'It's CHRISTMAS!' shouts Noddy Holder, and lo, the yuletide season is upon us. Celebrate with our Christmas stout, Gold, Frankenstein and GRR! made with lactose and local artisan mincemeat for a really festive flavour.



Vyvyan's drunken, violent Glaswegian hamster is paid homage in our vanilla milkshake porter. Made with real vanilla pods and lactose, it's smooth and creamy, with lots of flavour.



Vyvyan's drunken, violent Glaswegian hamster is paid homage in our vanilla milkshake porter.

Made with real vanilla pods and lactose, it's smooth and creamy, with lots of flavour.


The People's Poet


Why kids, do you understand nothing? How can Rick be dead when we still have his poems?

Rik Mayall. Rick.The People's Poet. Immortalised forever in beer form. We've created a modern take on a best bitter- full of malty, nutty flavours, hazy, with an edge of fruitiness thanks to dry-hopping with some citra. 

Eat the Telly


When the TV detector van comes round, Vyvyan eats the telly to avoid a fine, later claiming "It's a toaster".

In honour of this unusual choice of snack, we have used Idaho 7 hops to create a hazy IPA with loads of tropical fruit and juiciness at 4.8%. 


Scumbag College


The posh kids from Footlights College, Oxbridge thing they're going to smash the oiks on University Challenge, until Vyvyan drops a stick grenade. Then it's Toxteth O'Grady all the way.

We've created a strong, flavoursome West Coast Pale Ale to commemorate the boys' appearance, hoppy and fruity, at 5.2%.

Video Nasty


Yes, they've got a video! Mike and Vyvyan are planning an all night orgy of sex and violence, but are interrupted by a South African vampire. 

Crunchie bars in beer form, you say? Dark and rich stout flavour, creaminess from lactose, and a sweet, honeycomb undertone from loads of finest cinder toffee. Perfect beer for dark, scary nights!

Shut Up!


Rick and Vyvyan are arguing again. Rick tells Vyvyan to 'Shut up! I'm trying to stir my coffee'.

Shut up! is a super smooth, creamy stout, with a subtle undertone of coffee. Made with 'Decaf side of the Edge' decaffeinated coffee, from specialist coffee supplier, Edgcumbe, based in Arundel, Sussex. 

shut up.jpg

Bang on


The boys are having a party. Neil's hippy friend Warlock has a bong. He suggests Neil 'Have a bang on this one, man'. It must be good stuff, as Neil takes a trip to the moon and back!

Bang on is a rauchbier, a German style dark beer brewed using smoked malt. With a subtle, smoky flavour and rich malt, it is a flavour experience! 

Bang on.jpg

Neon Tepee

Neon Tepee


The boys have visited many an 'Old English Pub' with the French geezer, and now head to their favourite 'Old English Illegal Drinking Establishment', the Neon Tepee. They find Mr Jolly's £5000, and spend it all on gin. 

A rich, smooth stout base has cocoa nibs and kilos of real fruit added to give a wham of flavour- undertone of chocolate overlaid by a punch of raspberry.

Oh no. The Front Door's Exploded!


When the over-acting postman rings the front doorbell, it explodes. Vyvyan thought they might not hear it, so gave it a bit of pepping up, with explosives. 

Loads of raspberries and blueberries give this sour beer a monumental hit of fruity flavours. 

Oh no.jpg
Oh no.jpg



Brewed in collaboration with our friends at the Mutineers Brewery, doesn't have a Rik & Ade related name.

A pale ale brewed using only Harlequin hops. These are a new variety, givingl flavours akin to the great aroma hops from the USA (such as Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic), but bred and grown in the UK. You migh get honey, pineapple and citrus. 


Where's the Bloody Vindaloo, Hippy?


Vyvyan is hungry, and Neil is late with the supper. His plaintive cry, "Where's the bloody Vindaloo, Hippy?" echoes around the kitchen, as Neil panics and looks for the lentils. 

Our biggest beer yet at 6%, a real dark and mysterious brew, with a great background of coffee malt flavour. We add cayenne chillis to provide a warming for the mouth, with whiskey-soaked cocoa nibs providing chocolate undertones and a scotch aftertaste.

Voted as Beer of the Festival at the Bromely CAMRA beer fest in August 2023.

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