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Autumn is stout season

Autumn has arrived with a bump, and we have been brewing stouts. Video Nasty, the cinder toffee version, is currently selling well at the OLC beer festival. We popped in last night, it is tasting fantastic, and has a really nice honeycomb aftertaste that I really like. We have a cafe latte stout curently conditioning, made using the decaff house coffee from our friends at Edgecumbe coffee in Arundel.

Tomorrow, we will be doing the first of this year's Christmas stouts, GFG made with artisan mincemeat. Always love that one!

We also have a keg of ETT going off to the Lock and Barrel shortly, and a fermenter of our German-style rauchbier (a dark beer with smoked malt). Don't even have a name for this one yet!

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You know I'm in France, yet you still tantalize me. Looking forward to the time when Chris and I can come and drink you dry.



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